Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Let's Hear It For the Girl....

So I'm neck-deep in the amazing-ness that is Writeoncon.com at the moment (if you're not over there, you need to run over and join the fun IMMEDIATELY) but I had to come up for air real quick to give a round of applause and big shout out to your friend and mine, Ms. Anita Howard, authoress extraordinaire of the upcoming YA fantasy 'Splintered'....coming to shelves near you in the spring of 2013.

That's right. the one and only Goat Posse Den Mother, fountain of boundless optimism and inspiration to the rest of us, has inspired once again!  She's going to the big leagues kiddos, so run on over to her blog and congratulate her!  You're not gonna want to miss this dark Alice in Wonderland spin off about a girl who talks to bugs!  Four out of five critique partners think its the bee's knees.

We no longer speak of the fifth.

(I'm just kidding, there is no fifth.  Everyone who's read her book loves it, I just made up an imaginary person who didn't to make Anita seem more real and less Wonder Woman-y.  Seriously.  Nobody's that frickin' nice unless they're secretly like, a cyborg or something unnatural like that).

AND THAT WAS A TEST BY THE WAY.  If you actually read that far, CLEARLY you did not follow instructions and hop on over to Anita's blog.  Shoo!  What are you still doing here?

Sigh.  Some people...


  1. haha! I was already there. ;)

    I think the secret fifth was done away by the goatposse. srsly, those goatpeople...they'll soon rule the world. it's like mafia without the blood and gore. No guns either, only goat horns.

  2. LOL!! Ohmyholygoodnesspie. What a SPECTACULAR and entertaining write up! Thank you so a*slkdnfae@jflksdnfl#dknfalskdjfo^aiweh$nrlakfl

    Oops, sorry about that. Darn robotic hand. SIGH.

    And Cherie, remember that thing we're never to speak of?? You JUST spake of it!

    Do you really want to relive "I know what you did last summer" #goatposse style? NOT ME.

    Wait ... is that the sound of a metal hoof scraping my front door??

    *shudders and crawls behind the desk*

  3. What wha wha! This is what I get for not being online constantly. I am commenter #52 on her amazing news. Thanks for the tip Kalen!

  4. I love the "awesomeness" label on the bottom. That about sums her up.

  5. Felt compelled to give you an award on my blog... (Not a flowery one, I promise!)

  6. Congratulations, Anita! And to you as well, Kalen, for receiving the Blog on Fire award. I’m glad to be a new follower.

  7. I am going over to check it out RIGHT NOW.