Sunday, September 4, 2011

An Abundance of Katherines

No, I'm not talking about the John Green novel, though that is most definitely worth checking out.  I'm talking about last week's birthday of the many incarnations of my good friend Katey....better known in these here blog parts as horror/dark fic writer KV Taylor and her shiny alter ego Katey Hawthorne, romance writer extraordinaire.

Not only was last week her birthday, it was a book birthday for her as well.  Her very first book, Equilibrium debuted from Loose Id, and is available for digital purchase right now!  It's a m/m romance, with punches pulled, so since many of my blog readers are YA readers and writers I advise you to go into that with your eyes wide open, but I know superpowered boys in love should appeal to more than a few of you, hmmmMMMM?  *Eyes a few of you in particular YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE*

And it's SO good, Loose Id has already announced they will be publishing her second book in the Equilibrium universe....this one to be tentatively titled 'Riot Boy', I believe?

But maybe superboys in love aren't your cup of tea.  That's okay, she has 'Scripped' dropping from Belfire Press any day now under her KV Taylor nom de plume....a dark, twisted tale of Appalachian fae and the old adage you can't go home again....

And get this!  Belfire Press likes her so much, they've already announced plans to publish the next KV Taylor book....a dark and bloody vampire romance/horror, where the monsters are actually monsters....and still disturbingly hot, just the way we like them.  Now, if the woman managed to sell a vampire book in THIS market, you KNOW it's gotta be good, right?

And to top of Ms. Taylor's all around awesome sauce year last year, it also saw her debut as an editor at Morrigan Books AND as the creator and editor of the Red Penny Papers, a quarterly online lit magazine of things that go bump in the night, a compilation of amazing fiction, stunning art, and the revival of the serial novella with weekly installments of a new novella in between each regular issue.  Get the scoop on that here at the Red Penny Papers site - it's fully legit and FANCY yo....I think more than a couple of you might have some things you might want to float her way, and it's ALWAYS a good read and worth a perusal.

So in conclusion, Katey is awesome.  If awesome people want to read the implication that they should totally go wish her a happy birthday with a quick peek at some of her goodies (I MEANT HER FICTION NOT THOSE GOODIES YOU BUNCHA PERVERTS) and possibly snag one or two for a read, well.....that is totally your call.

*Is hella subtle, yo*

Happy birthday Katey!


  1. Awesome shout out for an AWESOME writer gal! And a HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY, Katey!

    BTW, some of us are extra special 'n smart and already pre-ordered SCRIPPED. Ahem. Methinks Kman might be in the same boat...hmmm. We're waiting ever so patiently in the wings for it. Er, well, not so patiently, but you can't rush the publishing gods. That we ALL know by now. Heh.

    M&M not my usual cuppa, unless it's the yummy candies with the little M's printed on top, BUT I am SO on board for that monstrously wicked vampire book. Oh, yes, I'm there. Let the blood bath begin. ;)

  2. Kalen, you are THE BEST. <3

    (And if I say anything else I just look like a dick. But seriously. <3)