Sunday, July 17, 2011

Guest Post at Cory's Blog!

Hey everybody!  I'm guest blogging today over at the blog of the always lovely Corinne Duyvis over here!  Cory, a totally fantabulous writer who rocks the casbah and is represented by Michael Carr of the Veritas Literary Agency, is currently away at Clarion West right now with all the other kids and asked me and a few others to fill in for her with some guest spots at her casa de la intarwebz!  If you've yet to acquaint yourself with her, you should get your butts over to her blog posthaste and delve into the awesomeness that is she!  And like, read my guest post, yo.


  1. Cool! I read the post and commented.
    This is totally unrelated, but did you know that your backwards initials spell "OK"? Because they do. I have no idea why that's relevant to anything, but I couldn't stop myself from saying it. (Typing it, actually.)

  2. Thanks Rain! And haha, yup that's true. And my initials forward read as KO, or Knock Out. LOL. Clearly, things should be read into this.

  3. Thanks so much for you congrats on my book sale!