Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Critique Partner Auction Entry #5

Hang on guys, this thing might not be a total bust after all!  More entries have started coming in!

TITLE: The  Kelvieri's Boots
GENRE: YA Urban science fiction romance
STATUS: Complete

Dear Agent,

In order to save the planet Kelari and earth, Venus must help a
complete ass of a boy fall in love. This same boy, Ethan must find a
way to destroy Dervinius, the leader of The Order of Eternal Fire. All
of this must happen in one week, or Venus will die, Ethan will lose
his chance to love and Dervinius will rule both worlds.

On her sixteenth birthday, alien princess, Venus, is supposed to
complete her rite of passage and become a kelvieri, immortal. Instead,
she’s sent to earth and accused of blasphemous crimes against Ith and
Aetha, their world’s deities and charged with killing her irrihunter,
Kelari’s sacred creature. The deities won’t allow her to return to
Kelari, to prove her innocence, until she helps Ethan with his love
life. The stupidest thing she’s ever heard, but she has to try or else
she’ll die.

It is one helluva week. Ethan hates her right away, someone’s trying
to kill her and she’s dealing with all of these human emotions for
Zarus, her guardian and Ethan, the ass.  Lust? Love? She doesn’t know.
Her planet doesn’t require the use of feelings.

But, she’d better figure it out quick or both planets will be ruled by
Dervinius, a kelvieri who wants humans and kelarians destroyed. In
their place, he and his followers plan to create a new
race—humieris—kelarian/human hybrids.

Venus and Ethan are in a race against time, for their lives and for
love, but both have no idea as to the real reason why.  And Dervinius
wants to keep it that way.

CONNECTED:  The Kelvieri’s Boots is a young adult, urban science
fiction romance. It’s complete at 75,000 words and the first in a
trilogy or can be written to stand alone.

I belong to my local and national RWA. I have a blog, A No. 2 Pencil
Stat, which I contribute to daily. I have my own author page on
Facebook and I’ve given lectures at a local elementary school on the
mechanics of writing a novel.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.


Chapter 1

Heart and Soul—Venus

“Happy immortality to me. Happy immortality to me. Happy immortality,
happy immortality. Happy immortality to me,” I sang softly, to the
tune of a human song I’d learned from a professor. Alone for the first
time all day, I sat on the chair next to my vanity. Off to my left, in
four perfect rows, were fifteen crystal bottles. Inside, they held
different smelling perfumes. My mother had given me a new scent for
each of my birthdays. Carefully, I added number sixteen, the red
liquid within smelled like Rosithia flowers, tempered by our juicy
citrus fruit, oraney. Then I turned my attention to my feet. On them,
my most prized possession. The gift I’d been dreaming of
since—forever. The Kelvieri’s Boots. Now that I had my own pair, I
knew my life would finally begin.

Inside the heels of the boots were symbols . . . of my imperfections.

That probably seemed odd, that I’d be so excited to receive a present
filled with my weaknesses. But, they were so much more than that.
Receiving the boots meant I’d reached the age of maturity, the age
when age no longer mattered. Now I was more than just “Venus, the
little Alayeahian princess”, as our people always called me. I’d
become a woman.

Eager, I removed one of the boots, the material smooth, and held it
up to eye level. Light, coming from the glow of our suns, shone
through my window, outlining its shape. Within the boots’ heel, an
arrow blazed, shiny and bright. It floated in the dark blue blood of
our sacred animal. I shook it, like I’d seen humans do with a snow

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