Friday, March 4, 2011

First Post

Welcome to the inaugural blog post of well, me!  For those of you new to the wonderfully narcissistic ramblings of well, me, a brief introduction with all the relevant statistics:  At the moment, I’m a twenty six year old writer and actor living in Hollywood and generally being a great giant cliché.  I say at the moment only in regards to my age – I expect to turn twenty seven at some point and thus that will change.  I do not however ever expect the writer or actor thing to change, because part of my being a great giant cliché is ‘I can’t imagine myself doing anything else’, ‘I’m in it for the art, not the money’, ‘Writing/acting is my passion, my life, my nirvana’, blah blah blah ad nauseam.  Yes, I’m THAT guy.  Insert groans here.  And now I’m going to stop referring to myself as a great, giant cliché because its making me feel fat, and we’ll talk about what makes me a special snowflake instead.

I’m generally more of a genre guy, with scifi and fantasy being my staples, though I do occasionally dabble in other genres (as with my first novel, a YA called ‘Shades of Adrian Gray’ which ended up with zero paranormal elements despite my best efforts).  I write across a variety of mediums, trying to break into the screenplay and comic book formats as well as the novel publishing biz.  Some common tropes that should clue you in you’re reading a novel by me include an insistence on trying to reinvent the wheel (even when the wheel would work perfectly well), highly dysfunctional family relationships, an apparent obsession with dead boyfriends and girlfriends and the ghosts thereof, a lot of action and adventure, and diverse casts.  The reinventing the wheel comes from my need to be the Special-est of the Special Snowflakes, the dysfunction and dead boyfriends come from Having Issues and too many viewings of The Sopranos, the action in every chapter comes from the ADD, and the diverse casts comes from being bisexual and bored with the usual.  I write ideas that I would like to read, but can’t, because no one else has written them yet.  It’s that simple.  So when I write a gay main character, or a bi main character, or a Latina character or an Asian character, I’m pushing the ‘Well I would really like to READ about this character but I can’t because no one else has written them yet so I guess I’ll just have to do it myself.  Jeez.  MY LIFE IS SO HARD.’ Agenda and no other.

I also like flowers and chocolate and long walks on the beach – just kidding.  Flowers make me sneeze, chocolate makes me fat and long walks on the beach make me tired and get sand in unpleasant places.  But you get the idea.

So.  Introductions over.  Moving on….


  1. It's wrong on a fundamental to not like chocolate. Just so you know. ;)

    Besides, I had to comment on that, just so you'd know that someone read your introduction post all the way to the bottom!

  2. Hmm... suepenkivech might've started at the bottom and stopped reading after the first paragraph.

    Just saying, there could be trickery afoot! Heh.

  3. That WOULD be a Sue thing to do....hmmm.

    Sue? Care to EXPLAIN?

    And btw, like we haven't long since established that I'm fundamentally wrong in so very many ways...

  4. :)
    So you don't like chocolate because it will make you fat, but you don't like long walks because they get you tired. Oh my! How do you keep in shape?
    Nice to meet you too.