Friday, November 25, 2011

Five Days Left in NaNo....

So how's everybody doing with that?  I'm just checking in, because well.....remember that Critique Partner Auction Blogfest thingie I tried to do last year?  Didn't really work out and I said I'd try again after NaNo....

Yeah, so...I'm not gonna do that.  Got an epic workload in December and that's just asking for trouble.  What I AM going to do however is host a Critique Partner Blogfest for everyone who wants another set of eyes to sign up.  On the day/week of the Blogfest just post a logline and first 250 words of your MS and then click through other blogs in the blogfest in search of new Critique Partners to swap with.  Easy peasy.  So what I'm just curious about is when you think would be the best time for this?  Is December 1st too soon?  I know that even if people finished 50K in November that doesn't mean they'll be done with their book yet.  So would people be interested in going ahead and starting with a Blogfest like this first week of December or would you guys prefer to wait a week or two and give people a little more time to finish their whole books first?

Feel free to chime in with thoughts, comments and suggestions and I'll post next week with an actual date and sign up sheet for the Blogfest once people have had time to weigh in.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend all and good luck on the last few days of NaNo!


  1. I vote for more time because I blew it big time. I am only at 18K words. (I was doing other quitting my I will forgive myself one day.) I would like to join in if given more time. Good luck to you Kalen O!

  2. Aww no worries. The best laid plans, huh Phreshy? And quitting your job sounds possibly exciting! Hope all's well there!

    Hmm, so when do you think a good time would be for it? And I don't think people will have to have their manuscripts totally complete to join in - just in their blogpost if this is a complete manuscript or how far along you are, etc. We'll see.

    And good luck to YOU, Jenny P!

  3. Kalen, I just wanted to stop by and thank you for your comments on my entry (Tears) in the Baker's Dozen auction. I found your suggestions to be very helpful. :)

  4. Hey no problem! Glad I could be of help! Best of luck with it!

  5. Kalen! Sorry. I'm actually using the comment section for my own selfish purposes. I'm not really contributing anything to this post. Heh.

    Just popping in to say Happy Holidays to you! I'm SO glad we met this year, and I feel priveleged to have read some of your amazing writing. I have a really good feeling that 2012 is going to be your year for the GOOD STUFF, so keep at it!

    I'll see you in the new year. Enjoy all of your merry-making festivities, pal! :)

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