Friday, June 24, 2011

Big Things Poppin'

And with that fabulous intro by rapper T.I., I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

But just for a second.  Sorry to leave you lovelies deprived of my awesomeness for the past two weeks (Hey you in the back!  Don't think I don't see you rolling your eyes!) but I have had DRAMA!  And excitement!  Amazing happenings!

...also, bronchitis.

But enough about the questionable state of my lungs!  I am merely popping in to say rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated! 

...Hmm?  What's that?  Nobody's been spreading such rumors?  Well fine, I don't care about you either.

Anyways, just wanted to say regular blogging probably won't resume until after next week - due in part to said DRAMA!  Excitement!  And amazing happenings! - and in part due to my being in New York next week for work.  If any of y'all live in New York near the Lincoln Center (think that's where I'll be), it'd be awesome to hang or something, even if ever so briefly! 

But once I get back, expect NEWS.  And a blogfest.  And a contest.  And possibly scandalous gossip about my famous co-stars, once I have weighed whether or not they are the type to SUE me for spreading slanderous half truths all across yon interwebs.

So basically, business as usual.

Ta ta, peeps!


  1. Scandalous gossip is my middle name! I work in SoHo and will be in the office Tuesday and Thursday (methinks). Maybe I will have to stalk you, because you are a famous actor type?

  2. You better be tweeting, Mr.!!
    And if your DRAMA brings you anywhere near Bradley Cooper, Sammy Hagar or Mark Wahlberg, do me a favor and cop a feel, okay?!



  4. I love drama and excitement! Especially when it's happening to someone else.

    Look at all you fancy pants friends of mine, working in New York and SoHo. So trendy. Meanwhile, there are actual cows and horses IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD!

    Have fun! Can't wait for blogfests, contests, etc, etc. :)

  5. Squee!!!!!!

    Oh. Sorry about the bronchitis.


    That is all for now. I'm hoarse.

  6. Bronchitis? Bugger. If only you had cyborg lungs... ;-)

  7. Thanks guys! You're all rockstars! And Jenny, I shall tweet you later this week! I have no idea where Soho is in relation to the Lincoln center or wherever but it sounds promising!

  8. Oh man, I totally neglected to inform you that I tagged you last Weds. Not because I was embarassed I joke about harbouring deep feelings for you because gosh, that would be silly! Glad there is drama and excitement going on for you, less glad about the bronchitis I guess?

  9. Kalen, I was totally seeding the tabloids and online chat rooms with rumors of your demise. See?? At least ONE of us cares enough to drag your good name through the mud. Sheesh.

    So glad to see your pretty mugster back in blogland, if only for a fleeting moment. Can't wait for the aforementioned NEWS, contests, and other sorts and sundries. Until then, I'm off to spread more rumors. I hear Pony's been moonlighting as a submarine mime. Must needs investigation.


  10. So, a few things:
    1) I followed you here from QT. Thanks for answering my question!
    2) I love this post. You obviously have a great personality for being an actor/writer.
    3) I will be waiting for your NEWS.

  11. LOL thanks Sophia! Just popped on over to your blog. You're fantaaaaabulous!

    Anita, I apologize! Clearly I have been reading the wrong tabloids! I will amend this immediately! And I too have heard those rumors about Pony. We should tell EVERYONE.

    Hey Rain, nice to see you over here! Following you back now!